The Little Guy Revolution

The Little Guy Revolution offers content marketing solutions for the smaller business or individual site. Although content marketing has been around for awhile what is revolutionary is the technology used making it easier for the little guy to make headway.

If you are just relying upon blog posts for content you are missing out on one of the second largest search engines, YouTube. Video should be part of your content marketing strategy. Technology combined with your expertise make it possible. People aren’t looking for flashy nor long pieces to view. They are often looking for quick and easy solutions they can digest in one sitting. There are video templates to use with basic software to give visitors what they need and guide them to what you offer. Check out this video page for more (coming soon!).

Another major search engine that shouldn’t be ignored is Amazon. One of the easiest ways into Amazon is through ebooks. Once again technology has provided the little guy with solutions that are easy to implement. If you have a website chances are you have content right now that could be curated together to use on Amazon. By adding a few extra elements, you have what you need to help guide an audience to you. See this page for more details (coming soon!).

Content marketing is all about taking your existing ideas or expertise and spreading it out via different media. When you have a blog post then you also have a short video, images, and where multiple blog posts around a theme gather, an ebook. Rather than waiting to take advantage of what technology offers, use what you already have to get started. Take that leap from just relying upon blog posts for your strategy. Take a look at video templates and ebook templates that make it easy to plug-in existing ideas. You will leverage your existing efforts with only a little more time invested.


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