Use These 3 Habits and Always Have Content to Create

Content fuels your website by delivering solutions, ideas, and inspiration to a target audience or the “right people.” Creating content all of the time can be a drain or a source of daily inspiration. The following habits ensure you have content to create and are inspired in the process.

It is about finding a blend of discovery, note taking, and creation all in one. Why not make it much easier to spend a little time here and there rather than sucking up a whole Sunday afternoon?

When it comes to tools for content you need tools to keep your pulse on everything. You need a way to skim, monitor and collect, to curate ideas together to help towards the spark of creation.

Collecting Content

Collecting content all day is a trick between finding good content and letting it go. Your mind plays like you are starving and this content might be your last meal. You resist this by collecting moving on.

Collect using tools such as Feedly, Scoop.It, Flipboard, Springpad, and Zite just to name a few. Each one does a great job covering how to use them so I won’t do that here. Which one is best? Some people are partial to one particular tool, others use a combination which I find works well. It doesn’t matter what is best for everyone else but what works for you. You have to experiment. Start by checking out this awesome article on content curation from the experts. That way you still can experiment but start with a solid foundation. Of course, tools are only as good as the habits established around them.

Collecting Habits

Habits are the cornerstone of life and what can make the difference between getting stuff done and frittering your day away. The following are habits to prevent content collection from being another time suck.

  • Time yourself. This one is critical, you have to decide how much time you are going to use before you start and then stick to it. Just stop when the time comes and trust that if you miss something, there will be other even better content to take it’s place.
  • Use buckets. You need a place to throw content you find and want to review and organize later. This can be something like Pocket or Evernote.
  • No interruptions. Make sure you are not interrupted because then it will become more difficult to time yourself. You also may become less likely to put in the full time as you get swept away by other duties.
  • Learn to skim. Look for key points that really grab you and make you want to tell someone about. If you are compelled to share any part of it when you skim, then throw it in a bucket for later.
  • Alternative. See something while doing other work, quickly throw it into Evernote using the browser tool and review it all later.

Content Review

Once you collect then you need to review. The review process is where you actually read what you collected. This time you need to have somewhere to throw quotes and jot down ideas as you go. Write ideas down as soon as you have them, you won’t always remember later and this way your brain isn’t taking up energy keeping it in the back of your mind.

You could use a regular notebook and that might work well in some cases but otherwise use Evernote. Evernote has plenty written about it for example here or here. Some review habits to consider:

  • Have an organizational system. This could be tagging, folders, whatever will work well for you to find the ideas later.
  • Carve out time. Reading what you find takes time so be ruthless about reading only the good stuff while also making sure nothing else gets in the way. Reading is often seen as a luxury that few allow themselves. Make time for a complete read not just a skimming, if you are really just skimming, maybe it isn’t worth reading?

Content Planning

The best planning is done through a content calendar. Start small if you have to but decide on content as far out as you can. Having some ideas in place beforehand also helps feed your content collection. Your mind starts thinking about future content and often be unconsciously collecting. The habits to consider:

  • Try to incorporate different media, not just blog posts but images, video, and podcasts too.
  • Instead of doing it alone find other people through tools like FollowerWonk and try co-creation projects
  • Have extra backup content you can always use anytime for just in case
  • Use your full team for creating content.

Content ideas come from keeping this process consistent. There is never a shortage of ideas when you make the process a regular habit. Extra bonus: switch up where you read to cross pollinate your ideas from other niches.

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Nothing in the on-page world is going to provide exceptional ranking influence, but getting perfect is often only marginally better than just nailing the title and headline. If you’re spending a ton of bandwidth on the last 80% of work (providing 20% of value), I might re-consider your to-do list.

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